Compromise And PSPV And Cs Sign A Budget Pact In Valencia

The document includes some claims of the orange training as 15 million in direct aid to the self-employed and SMEs and tax rebates to achieve their abstention in plenary session

The countdown for Compromís and PSPV to convince Cs to support Valencia’s budgets

The budgets of the Valencia City Council for 2021 will have broader support than in recent years, when they had exclusively the votes of government groups.

This morning, Compromís, PSPV and Cs have signed a “budget pact” by which the orange party will abstain from voting on municipal accounts that is held today in the council chamber.

The agreement, signed by the mayor, Joan Ribó, the vice mayor and socialist spokesperson, Sandra Gómez, the vice mayor, Sergi Campillo, and the spokesperson for Cs, Fernando Giner, includes some of the requests that the orange formation had wielded not to oppose the accounts for 2021.

Among them, as explained by Giner, there are 15 million direct grants for the self-employed and SMEs, subsidies for cultural activities, extending the school check up to five million, discounts on the fees for tables and chairs and sewerage and compensation in the IBI and the Icio for energy improvement works.

Likewise, always according to the statements of the orange spokesperson after the signing of the pact, the municipal government will extend the payment of taxes until summer.

“We understand that Valencia is in the economic abyss, where any small business is on its last legs and thinks about closing as a result of the situation generated by the covid.

Therefore, we had to speak with the municipal government so that the maximum aid was given possible to freelancers and SMEs “, has declared Giner, who has asked the businessmen to hold out until summer because they will have the help of the Valencia City Council.

The mayor, for his part, has congratulated himself on the agreement that establishes commitments in the 2021 accounts if some amendments are made in the General State Budgets and on the use of the remnants. “We will have some additional resources that we can have and it allows us to discuss where to invest them,” he said.

For her part, the vice mayor thanked Cs for abstention in budgets that have been worked on with all opposition groups and described the pact as “historic.”

“We have held talks with the entire opposition and a great effort has been made to set 4% of the budget in aid for economic reactivation and increase social measures to 12%.

Citizens want us to solve their problems and get away from the radical positions and that is what we are dedicating ourselves to, “indicated the socialist spokesperson, who has criticized that the PP does not join an agreement” that anyone could sign

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