pandemic has changed the 'heavy weights

By Ibex Stock Market Value How Pandemic Changed The ‘Heavy Weights’

On February 19, the date from which the market declines began, the Ibex companies had a total capitalization close to 640,000 million euros. The storm started just one day later . And within a month, the market value of the index had slimmed down to $ 386.6 billion.

Between February 19 and March 16 – the date the index hit an 8-year low – there was a steep 39% drop. From that point, the index has been recovering until today, but it is still at 21% of the level it was trading at before the crash .

Even so, a fabulous November has helped him gain weight to around 540,000 million in which he currently stands. 2020 has not only changed the size of the index, but also the who’s who inside it, who’s heavyweights.

Inditex remains untouchable as the great listed company of the Ibex 35, with its nearly 87,000 million euros, but it did not become so: in a year in which investors’ money sought refuge in defensive stocks, Iberdrola came to snatch, punctually, the first place by capitalization in the month of July .

Yes has shifted emphatically Iberdrola to Santander , which this year has been relegated to third place by market value. The big ones in the index are not so big anymore , and this can be seen more clearly in the case of the bank, which eleven months ago was worth 62,000 million on the stock market, and today it does not reach 47,000.

Amadeus has gone from being the sixth largest to the fourth, a position that, yes, it has not always managed to maintain over the last few months. In any case, its evolution has been meteoric:

it returned to the stock market in 2010 (it had already been listed between 1999 and 2005) and at that time it was ranked 13 by capitalization, so that in 10 years it has advanced 9 positions, almost one per year .

But the value that has landed the most momentum in the top 10 by market value is Cellnex. The telecommunications tower operator has shot up 40% on the market so far this year, and is now in sixth position.

For their part, BBVA and Telefónica temporarily left this club of the 10 majors ( after being expelled from the EuroStoxx 50 in September ), but have already returned to it.

New members
Beyond these 10 leading positions, the index has been undergoing profound changes in its nature throughout the last year, with the arrival of new members whose businesses have little to do with those of the traditional Ibex dinosaurs .

Last June , the Catalan pharmaceutical company Almirall joined , in September Pharma Mar (replacing Ence ), and in October it was the renewable energy company Solaria that made the leap from the Continuous Market.

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