tech documentaries to watch on Netflix

9 Best Tech Documentaries to Watch on Netflix

Technology is exciting , in Xataka we know it well, and within this theme there is a whole range of topics ready to explore either as mere entertainment or as a topic to guide our professional path.

And no matter what the reason you like technology is, it is always rewarding to watch a good documentary that teaches us something and makes us learn or just hang out.

Fortunately, we don’t have to go far to enjoy a good documentary, since right now on Netflix we can find a wide variety of titles ready to catch us. And because we want to make it easy for you, we’ve chosen some of the best tech documentaries available on Netflix .

‘The Great Hack’
The privacy scandal unleashed by Facebook and Cambridge Analytica serve as the basis for presenting this documentary that immerses itself not only in the participation of these companies, but also in a system that allows us to traffic with our data to secretly manipulate users.

One of those stories that cause terror because, unfortunately, they are true. The fascinating story of Compaq Computer portrayed in a documentary that shows us how a small company was able to take on the giant IBM in the early 1980s.

Here is the story of how three friends were able to make their mark in the industry and to be a benchmark in the way of doing business, which is still in force today.

‘Lo and Behold: Reveries of the Connected World’
Directed by filmmaker Werner Herzog, this documentary looks at the impact of technology on human life . From the advent of the internet to artificial intelligence and robotics, here we will see interviews with key figures in the industry, who offer us their opinion of where humanity is going.

‘Print the Legend’
‘Print the Legend’ introduces us to 3D printing as the next great advance that will be present in a myriad of disciplines. Technology, business, medicine, activism and even the arms industry will all be affected by 3D printing, according to this documentary.

We have followed the advances of AlphaGo , Google’s artificial intelligence created to compete in the famous game of Go, and this documentary presents everything that involves this development, from its inception to its tests and final tournament, where it beat the world champion.

‘Banking on Bitcoin’
Through a series of interviews with enthusiasts and experts, this documentary brings us closer to the origin of the technology that gives life to bitcoin , and tries to anticipate its future. In addition, we will take a walk through its evolution and relevance within the world of business and the economy.

‘APEX: The Story of Hypercar’
A fascinating story of how one manufacturer sought to change the rules by introducing a high-performance, fuel- efficient hypercar . A documentary that also tells us how the automotive industry is going through one of its most important changes in history.

‘The Mars Generation’
As the title suggests, here we will see a new generation of young people who are part of NASA’s Space Camp with the goal of one day being able to explore Mars. The documentary explores that union between technology and ideology that seeks to expand human life beyond Earth.

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