Huawei as a scapegoat

12 Most Important Technological Moments of The Year 2019

Vibrant year this 2019 that we have had to live in the technological field. Many and very important have been the trends that have been born or have been consolidated in the last 12 months , and this special episode of Despeja la X serves to remember each of them as they deserve.

We have invited a dozen editors from Xataka and other Webedia Spain media in the field of technology or the engine to give us their assessment of what each of these great milestones and moments of the year has meant, and the result is this choral episode with twelve testimonies that allow us to review the best of the year in the world of technology.

Unlike other previous episodes of Despeja la X, this time we have the participation of twelve editors who do that special review of what happened in 2019 in the world of technology. A year in which technology has given much to talk about (and to listen to)

The choral review of 2019 in the field of technology has allowed us to gather the appreciations of our team of editors to evaluate the most relevant milestones both in pure technological scenarios and in others that have a strong relationship with technology.

Thus, in this special episode of Clear the X we have narratives that review what 2019 has meant for the battle of privacy, which seems definitely lost , or how it has ended up assuming the apparent final goodbye to the headphone jack on smartphones.

Much of the technological news of the year focuses on these devices, and if there is an outstanding story that has been the trade war between the US and China that has had Huawei as a scapegoat .

It has also been the year in which we have started talking about mobile devices with a folding screen , a trend in which manufacturers seem to be looking for (part of) their future.

Another of the technological branches that have raised their particular revolution this year that is now ending has been that of artificial intelligence, which we have followed closely in Engadget and which has shown amazing progress with as many lights as shadows:

In the latter case, the The phenomenon of deepfakes shows that we will have to be very careful to trust what we see and hear on the internet in the future.

We have also seen how 2019 has undoubtedly been the year of the definitive takeoff of streaming platforms . In the case of video, Netflix dominated the market, but the arrival of new players poses notable changes in this segment.

Disney deserves its own section in this annual recap not only for that bet , but for a year in which its blockbusters with Marvel movies and (predictably) Star Wars have broken records .

But it is that streaming does not only remain in video or music, and this year we have witnessed the launch of Stadia , a platform that poses a revolution in the video game sector.

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