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Young man – Old Man Translator Dictionary Understanding Kids is Easy

How far away are those times of talking on IRC or Messenger chats , right? Do you remember when we used: D, (L) and 🙁 to show feelings? Now these symbols have been replaced by emojis. There are a lot, but a lot, although I still have the question if there are enough car emojis to express what I mean.

But surely you have seen that in addition to handling emojis with a fluency worthy of a professional, the youngest use a certain slang that sometimes borders on the absurd. In other words, I am a millennial, the last generation, in fact, and there are times that I have a hard time understanding what my little cousins ​​mean when they use these terms.

And if it costs me, I’m one of those “digital natives”, I don’t even want to imagine what it will cost my uncles. So to lend a hand to those fathers, mothers, grandparents and grandmothers who do not understand what their children and grandchildren mean when they say they want to see the bae or they answer “ok boomer”,

I have prepared a small dictionary young-sir older . After all, we are in quarantine , so we will have to talk to the kids in their language so that this does not turn into anarchy.

I accept recommendations . I’m sure I’ve missed many other terms commonly used among Gen Z, so before I think that a kid is invoking Satan while playing online, leave what you heard in the comments and I will search the books of history what does it mean. With that said, we get started.

“LOL, WTF, get REKT noob” – “Hahaha, but what? You’re pretty bad, I’m going to beat you up, newbie” Like any good dictionary, the terms are arranged alphabetically . On the left you have the word young and on the left the translation into the beautiful language of Cervantes.

AF : from the English “as fuck”, it is used to indicate that something is “very”. For example, “I am tired AF” means “I am very tired”. It really would be more “I’m tired of lame …”, but it’s ugly to say the word.

AFK : from English “Away from keyboard”, means to be away from the keyboard. It is used in online games when a player has entered the game but is not playing (and is constantly killed or does not help). AFKs are the worst beings in the world.

Also me : means “Me too” and is often used to show a contradiction. For example: “Me: I want to play sports and get strong. Also me: picture eating a packet of Doritos while playing ‘WoW’ “.

Bae : comes from “babe” and is used to refer to the boyfriend or girlfriend.

Bizarro : it is not “brave and handsome”, which is what it means in Spanish, but it comes from English. “Bizarre” in English is weird or quirky, so if your child tells you that something is bizarre, think of it as saying it’s weirder than a green dog.

Bomboclaat : evolution of “sco pa tu manaa”, it is used to ask Twitter users to give their opinion on a topic or say what a photo or video reminds them of.

Crush : your crush is the boy or girl that you like and with whom you have something of an obsession. Your crush is the person you want your bae to be, so that we can understand each other.

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