Leo Messi After A 15 hour Flight Of Treasury Doing An Inspection

The episodes that happen around Leo Messi begin to be more and more grotesque. Impossible not only to assimilate, but to interpret. Not even the resignation en bloc from the board of directors chaired by Josep Maria Bartomeu , who should have been the footballer’s main source of displeasure, has anesthetized the torture.

Almost three months after he tried to leave Barcelona through a burofax and using an exit clause that had already expired, the Rosario has again made it clear that he continues to dislike. In a month and a half, he will be in a position to freely negotiate with any club upon concluding the contract on June 30, 2021.

Dozens of journalists were waiting for Messi this Wednesday at the private flights terminal at Barcelona airport. One of the reasons, beyond capturing the images of his return after facing Paraguay and Peru with the Albiceleste team, to ask him about one of those artificial controversies that serve to dress the interwar periods.

It turns out that an uncle of Antoine Griezmann , Emmanuel Lopes , hinted in a documentary that training sessions in the Barça first team are designed “to please certain people.” The recipient of the message was clear. A former Griezmann agent, Éric Olhats , on France Football also signed up for the guateque:

“Leo is emperor and monarch. He did not see Antoine’s arrival with good eyes. His attitude was deplorable (…). It is the regime of terror. Either you are with him, or you are against him.”

And Messi, without any containment dam, decided to say his own no matter how much the stage invited to flee from there as soon as possible: “I’m tired of always being the problem of everything at the club.”

The Argentine footballer, while his personal escort, Pepe Costa, tried to open a gap in the crowd, went even further: “After a 15-hour flight, I meet someone from the Treasury doing an inspection.” The player was referring to the fact that six officials of the Tax Agency accessed the Argentine’s private flight, demanding documentation from all passengers for an hour.

Messi had reasons to twist the gesture. In 2017, the Barcelona Court sentenced him to 21 months in prison for defrauding 4.1 million euros from the Treasury during 2007, 2008 and 2009.

A sentence that months later was ratified by the Supreme Court. For his father, Jorge, the high court reduced his sentence from 21 to 15 months in prison by returning the defrauded money to the treasury. Neither one had to enter prison. The sentence was commuted in exchange for a 252,000 euro fine.

Messi has not concealed his displeasure for a long time. And he still has to decide what to do with his future, waiting for the president who wins the presidential elections on January 24 to propose or not to expand his relationship with Barcelona.

It will not be easy given the collapse of 41% of the salary limit imposed by La Liga (the ceiling is now 382.72 million euros), and the urgent need for the club to start 190 million euros from the salary mass of the first team if you intend to scare away the ghost of bankruptcy.

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