Kiko Rivera Who In The Company Of Her Brothers Cayetano

It seems that the Rivera brothers are more united than ever. Although their relationship has always been marked by ups and downs , encounters and distances, the gap between Kiko and her mother, Isabel Pantoja, has provided a new opportunity for rapprochement.

Perhaps the ultimate reconciliation. Both Fran and Cayetano are at the side of their little brother and have demonstrated this publicly since the war broke out in Cantora, precisely because of alleged irregularities in Paquirri’s inheritance .

“I want to tell my brother that I am very sorry for the pain that is happening because I have suffered a lot and I want to tell you that ‘we are with you’ (…) You are being very brave and that all this that has separated us for so long I hope it will finish (…)

I think Dad would be very proud of you “, were some of the words that a broken Fran Rivera addressed to Kiko by phone in the special Cantora: the poisoned inheritance.

This unconditional support has been translated in the last hours into a very special meeting for the three of them.

The brothers have traveled together to Barbate to visit their uncle Riverita, Paquirri’s brother, who is in very poor health.

Kiko has picked them up at the train station in Seville and they have traveled by car to the town of Cadiz, where they have spent about three hours, surely remembering old times and making up for lost time.

Later, the brothers have continued the family reunion, although the place is unknown, and around 6:00 p.m. Isabel Pantoja’s son was back at his Sevillian home.

They have not wanted to offer any statement to the media but they have shared some scenes of their day on social networks , which allow them to know first-hand the good atmosphere they have had.

Kiko uploaded a video recorded in the car in which Fran says that “in heaven there must be someone very happy , we have gone to see our uncle José who is very ill but we have had a good time”.

“I am left with what I experienced today, unforgettable”, the Dj wrote in another of his stories. The three have published in their accounts a photo of the meeting, with which they send a clear message of union in the face of the tough battle that Irene Rosales’ husband is currently fighting with Isabel Pantoja.

New chapters are to come, for now, aSecond part of the special announced that delved into the details of the inheritance. It will be broadcast this Friday although it is unknown if Kiko will sit on the set again.

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