Industrial Land Is Always Harmful And More So With The Economic Crisis

The College of Industrial Engineers of Castellón has it clear. The decrease in industrial land next to the future intermodal station in the port will be very damaging for the province. “The reduction of industrial land is always a limitation for multinational companies that seek to settle here to create employment, ” says its president, Javier Rodríguez Zunzarren.

The companies located in the port area are looking at the future General Plan of the capital of La Plana, which has yet to be approved, but which has suffered a cut in its initial proposal as a result of the Strategic Environmental and Territorial Declaration (DATE) presented by the Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development, Climate Emergency and Ecological Transition chaired by Mireia Mollà.

After reviewing the DATE, the Castellón City Council clarified that the Generalitat has ‘cut’ this land reserve by 885,716 square meters. Thus, the final reserve of industrial land in the environment of the logistics platform is 1,865,354 square meters, of which the logistics platform remains with 1,080,797 square meters and the industrial sector ‘Carretera Grao-Almassora’ remains with 784,577 square meters.

It should be remembered that the council chaired by Amparo Marco raised much more in reserve of industrial land along with the intermodal. Specifically, the initial proposal was 2,751,070 square meters for this area of ​​enormous economic value for the future of the province of Castellón.

Rodríguez Zunzarren considers that the measure also comes at a time of extreme difficulty due to the global economic situation as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

“It is never a good time for a measure of this type but now, even less because the help of all sectors is necessary to be able to overcome, ” explains the president of the College of Superior Industrial Engineers of Castellón.

The Almassora City Council joins the Castellón council in its discomfort over the ‘cut’ in the reserve of industrial land next to the future intermodal station, in the vicinity of the port, at the request of the Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development, Climate Emergency and Ecological Transition.

The malaise of the City Council of Almassora is due to the refusal of the Generalitat Valenciana to allow the expansion of industrial land together with the intermodal until its end, considering this expansion environmentally incompatible and declaring it as “landscaping”.

“Years ago our city council already presented allegations to the General Plan of Castellón requesting that this reserve of industrial land next to the station be extended until our term so that our industries could benefit and improve, in short, the connection of our municipality,” he argues Martinavarro.

Then, from the Generalitat Valenciana they pointed to the Almassora City Council that their request was “logical”, according to the councilor Martinavarro.

“We ask that this expansion be considered a supra-municipal area. An extension that will benefit both Castellón and Almassora. We believe that if it is not accepted, Almassora will remain attached to an industrial zone from which it cannot benefit, ”lamented Martinavarro.

The councilor for Urbanism of Almassora insisted that “that area that the Department considers landscape is full of rustic roads that are difficult to take advantage of and put in value. That is why we ask that this reserve of industrial land next to the station be extended to our town ».

Martinavarro prefers not to venture to determine the number of square meters that this extension would require. “We do not want to say how many square meters we want in that supra-municipal area, because before that we want to be allowed that expansion”, asserts the mayor of Urbanism, who clarifies that “we do not want to get involved in what concerns Castellón.”

The Castellón City Council will also present allegations to this territorial and landscape tool, in order to defend the initial reserve of industrial land together with the intermodal one: 2.7 million square meters.

And it is that the Ministry of the Environment asked the Castellón City Council to cut the aforementioned reserve by 885,716 square meters in its General Plan, going from 2.7 to 1.8 million square meters. It did so through the Strategic Environmental and Territorial Declaration, DATE, the content of which must be incorporated into the General Plan.

Specifically, the Generalitat Valenciana gives a ‘bite’ to the two industrial sectors that make up the aforementioned reserve of industrial land next to the station: ‘Logistics platform’ and ‘Grao-Almassora road’.

In the first, the Consell leaves 1 million square meters -644,550 less- and in the second case, the reserve remains at 784,577 square meters -241,166 square meters less-. And it is that the Department of the Environment says that there are certain landscape incompatibilities in the initial projection, affecting several species and “strangling” green infrastructures.

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