Cuatroochenta Acquires One Of Microsoft Spain For Up To 4.4 Million

The Cuatroochenta technology company has acquired Ekamat, one of Microsoft’s most important partners in Spain, for an amount of up to 4.4 million euros, an operation with which the company seeks to multiply the scope of its digital cloud solutions to improve the performance of companies, according to a statement.

In a statement to ‘ BME Growth ‘, Cuatroochenta details that the acquisition price contemplates a fixed amount of 3.88 million euros and a variable amount of up to 500,000 euros subject to the turnover of 2020 and 2021 .

Said amounts will be paid in cash, except for 75,000 euros, which will be paid in shares of Cuatroochenta through a capital increase for offsetting credits.

Ekamat closed 2019 with a net turnover of 4.7 million euros and it is expected that in 2020 it will contribute more than four million euros to Cuatroochenta, which would add up to a total proforma business volume of more than 10 million euros. euros . In addition, the Barcelona company will provide a normalized gross operating result (Ebitda) close to 15%, the same statement from the firm provides.

With 44 years of experience in implementing ERP systems management companies, Ekamat is partner of Microsoft since 1997 and has certified ‘Gold Partner’ since 2004.

The 40 Ekamat employees are integrated into the Cuatroochenta structure to form a team of 150 people , distributed among its offices in Castellón (headquarters, in the technology park of the Universitat Jaume I), Barcelona (where the new acquired firm will maintain the squad), Burgos, Madrid, Milan, Panama, Bogota and Santo Domingo.

Octavi Busqutes, founder of Ekamat, and Antonio Córdoba, general manager, highlighted in the presentation of the operation to their team that ” Cuatroochenta is an organization that will bring strength to Ekamat .”

“The integration will make the company stronger commercially compared to the competitors, covering in a more efficient way the global needs of the client”, Busquets explained.

“The contribution of Cuatroochenta’s technological knowledge is perfectly complemented by the Microsoft solutions platform, which will allow Ekamat to move to another dimension within the world of business solutions”, added Córdoba.

Cuatroochenta highlights that Ekamat multiplies the scope of its digital cloud solutions to improve the performance of companies, either with custom microservices developments integrated into pre-existing systems (ERP, CRM, etc.) or through its own products under the SaaS model (such as CheckingPlan), added from Cuatroochenta.

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