Recalls Gary Oldman who plays Mankiewicz Fight Club

As Billy Wilder said , in Hollywood they give you a pool and in return they take your soul,” recalls Gary Oldman who plays Mankiewicz. “There is something true in all this, but Mank does not intend to answer any questions.

I do not think that the cinema should give answers Unlike The cinema must ask the right questions and leave the audience thinking about the answer ”, sums up Fincher.

It is the only thing that this perfectionist, author of Seven, Fight Club or The Curious Case of Benjamin Button leaves open. In fact, Mank is the fruit of an obsession that began three decades ago, in rerun theaters to which his father, the writer Jack Fincher, took him, and where he saw films.

The Wizard of Oz, 2001 A Space Odyssey and , of course, Citizen Kane.”There are no more of those, old cinemas to watch old movies,” he recalls nostalgically. That’s why he went from the first script that his father presented him and from the second and third versions.

while he was polishing it. Then it was Hollywood that happened, because it is not easy to shoot a black and white period movie no matter how Fincher you are. “It was as difficult as changing course to the Titanic,” he recalls.

In the end, the maneuver came out round of a carom. It was closing of its own accord the door to Mindhunters , a critically beloved series that never found its audience, and opening the perfect niche for Mank.

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