Mexican city of Tijuana Theatrical Creates New Arts

This journey begins in the Mexican city of Tijuana theatrical creator Gabino Rodríguez moved there in 2015 to become Santiago Ramírez, a minimum wage worker in a factory in the area, completely isolated from his usual environment.

From that experience was born the show Tijuana, the first of a monumental project entitled Democracy in Mexico 19652015, made up of 32 works, one for each State of the country, undertaken by the company Lagartijas Tiradas al Sol to explore how democracy is lived and what real effects democracy has on the daily life

Tijuana was highly applauded in Mexico and internationally screened Lagartijas Tiradas al Sol for its unique way of approaching documentary theater with a very personal combination of scenic languages, mixing monologues, projections, lectures, readings, and manipulation of objects The series continued with three other scenic pieces Veracruz Santiago Amoukalli and the Tula installation plus a book and video

All of them have been seen in Spain in past years and the seventh installment of Jaws is already ready, whose absolute premiere will host the Madrid Autumn Festival next week as the show scheduled in Mexico last month had to be canceled due to restrictions due to the Se pandemic.

will perform on November 25 and 26 at the Conde Duque center and two days later at the La Planeta room in Girona programmed by the Temporada Alta festival. The function of the 25 will also be broadcast live via streaming through the Conde Duque website and on the Fall Festival digital platform.

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