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Why Tana River County Needed More Water

Davis &Shirtliff, East Africa’s leading supplier of Water and Energy equipment, has completed the installation of an industrial-sized solar-powered water pump to improve the supply of clean water in Wenje Division, Tana River County.
Selected to provide the equipment by…

Exclusive Findings of The National Ivory Inventory

Kenya’s first independent inventory of the National Stockpile of Ivory and Rhino Horn has successfully been completed.

This was officially announced earlier yesterday by Kenyan Cabinet Secretary, Environment and Natural Resources, The inventory has confirmed that Kenya’s national stockpile is 137 tonnes. Kenya recognizes that securing the future of our elephants is dependent, not only on protecting them in the field, but also ….

Why the National Geographic Society Bagged Champions of The Earth Award

The National Geographic Society is a unique organization driven by a passionate belief in the power of science, exploration and storytelling to enlighten, excite and change the world. By engaging citizens and stakeholders in solutions-based thinking and dialogue, they directly address environmental issues that impact us all – from air quality and biodiversity to sustainable cities and ecosystem…..

REVEALED: Kenya and Nigeria Top Facebook use in Africa

Latest statistics from facebook has revealed that 2.2 million Kenyans use Facebook every day and 4.5 million each month, while 7.1 million Nigerians use Facebook daily and 15 million are active every month….This follows the recent announcement that Facebook’s active user population in Africa has grown 20% to 120 million in June 2015 from 100 million in September 2014. More than 80% of these people access Facebook from their mobile phones. Now, 60% of all Internet users in Africa are active on Facebook…..

Easy Steps on How To Become a 2016 Africa Magic Viewers Award winner

We are pleased to announce the call to entry for the 2016 edition of the Africa Magic Viewers’ Choice Awards. At Africa Magic and MultiChoice…we are inviting all entries for film and television works that are produced and broadcast or publicly exhibited from October 1st, 2014 to September 30th , 2015….entry guidelines…..

International Green structures to build houses from Rice and Wheat Waste in Kenya

The new technology has the potential to add low cost housing a year from durable materials derived from farmers’ waste after growing rice and wheat….This comes after Kenya was ranked fifth in a recent assessment which showed her potential to generate enough waste to construct nearly 90,000 square metres of housing a year, and enough living space for more than 3,000 people….

How To Maximise Your Office Space

The office space is one of the places you spend most of your time during the day.Investing on improving your office space is the first step to attracting clients. below are ways on how to maximize your office space

Airtel embraces new marketing and Advertising Technology

… the second largest mobile service provider in Kenya, Airtel Kenya has chosen to work with quality content producers online to meet and engage with their customers.

To make this more effective, the fast growing telecommunications company will tomorrow launch its new blog in Kenya dubbed Airtel Hadithi….

Four things to Consider while Motivating Employees in a Startup

For most start-ups the business idea could be a new concept that is taking a while to pick up in the market and sometimes this can be a discouragement to the employees.

Below are the four things to consider while motivating the employees..that motivates them when the business is at its peak and when it is low so as to maintain the momentum in the long run….

East Africa’s Largest Water Park to be constructed in Kilifi County, Kenya

Kilifi County is set to host East Africa’s largest water parks named as Sultan Palace Beach Retreat, through a rehabilitation plan by real estate developer sultan palace.

This comes after the palace decided to transform three quarry sites within its 43 acre parcel of beachfront property, turning neglected land for more than ….