Articles by Muhatia

Why Tana River County Needed More Water

Davis &Shirtliff, East Africa’s leading supplier of Water and Energy equipment, has completed the installation of an industrial-sized solar-powered water pump to improve the supply of clean water in Wenje Division, Tana River County.
Selected to provide the equipment by…

Exclusive Findings of The National Ivory Inventory

Kenya’s first independent inventory of the National Stockpile of Ivory and Rhino Horn has successfully been completed.

This was officially announced earlier yesterday by Kenyan Cabinet Secretary, Environment and Natural Resources, The inventory has confirmed that Kenya’s national stockpile is 137 tonnes. Kenya recognizes that securing the future of our elephants is dependent, not only on protecting them in the field, but also ….

Why the National Geographic Society Bagged Champions of The Earth Award

The National Geographic Society is a unique organization driven by a passionate belief in the power of science, exploration and storytelling to enlighten, excite and change the world. By engaging citizens and stakeholders in solutions-based thinking and dialogue, they directly address environmental issues that impact us all – from air quality and biodiversity to sustainable cities and ecosystem…..