Top 10 Companies Kenyans can not live without

Superbrands Tribute Awards 2018 IMAGE/COURTESY

The 2019 list of Kenya’s leading Superbrand is out and for the third time M-Pesa has topped.

Safaricom , a parent company to the mobile payment brand has been ranked second.

Jawad Jaffer, Project Director, Superbrands East Africa during Superbrands Tribute Awards 2018

The results are derived entirely from a comprehensive survey to Kenyan consumers undertaken by Kantar TNS.

Three FMCG brands made an entry into the top ten for the first time, namely Pampers, Weetabix, and Supa Loaf.

Consumers’ insights and results were derived based on Superbrands’ globally used parameters of the three pillars of quality, reliability and distinctiveness.

Previous survey results were derived from a weighting of consumer survey results and council member nominations.

From the official ranking, below are the top 10 companies cannot live without.

Official Ranking 2019   

  1. Mpesa – Financial-General
  2. Safaricom -Telecommunications, Broadband & Software
  3. Colgate -Household-Personal Hygiene-Dental
  4. Pampers -Household-Personal Hygiene-Diapers
  5. Dasani -Drinks-Bottled Water
  6. Citizen TV-Media-TV Stations
  7. Mumias-Food-Sugar
  8. Tuskys-Retail-Supermarkets
  9. Supa Loaf-Food-Bread and Bread Products
  10. Weetabix-Food-General

In the 2019/20 survey, 5 brands made an entry into the top 10 as 5 others retained their positions as among the top 10 from the previous year.

New entries into this listing include Weetabix, Dasani (both of whom were surveyed for the first time) Mumias, and Super Loaf.

Superbrands is running its programme for the sixth time in East Africa. For 2019/20, just fewer than 1,000 brands were shortlisted.

From this year’s ranking, it was evident that consumers are increasingly more demanding which has led to growth in demand for homegrown quality products and services.

Most interesting, the survey also revealed an increase in shopping frequency across all social classes with value brands driving consumption.

It is clear that products and services with strong brand awareness and affinity are increasingly becoming the preferred option for Kenyans.

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