How Business Daily’s Top 40 Under 40 awardee lost his millions, house and clients before bouncing back.


Three years after being named among Kenya’s Top 40 entrepreneurs under the age of 40 by Business Daily, Wilkins Fadhili lost his millions, clients, and office.

Through his social media accounts, the young entrepreneur has for the first time revealed how he lost all his clients and slept at Kencom stage for five days in January 2018.

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 Fadhili, then the the CEO of Fashion Torch Africa and StartupNow describes the period as the hardest in his life.

“I didn’t have a place to stay last year in January, I’ve never said this anywhere but in January 16th to 20th 2018, I used to sleep at Kencom stage, it’s the worse place I’ve been in my life,” Fadhili says.

He attributes the problems he faced to trusting people so much, “ that’s a weakness I have” he says.

However, latest revelations from different Kenyans reveal that it’s not a weakness. Wilkins is a conman.

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At just 24, in 2016, Wilkins Fadhili, then the CEO of Fashion Torch Africa bagged Sh16.5 million from a US-based firm 1608 Creatives. This as it was reported in different media houses in 2016, an award that apparently propelled him to the Top 40 under 40 list.

Nevertheless, Ruth Ambogo, a victim of Fadhili tricks reveals that He never bagged any Sh16.5 million and the story was false.

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The firm had partnered with Fadhili’s Fashion Torch Africa- which he describes as -East and Central Africa’s first incubation hub for entrepreneurs interested in fashion and other creative arts.

In the same year, the young entrepreneur was invited to speak at the Global Entrepreneurship Summit hosted in Kenya by the then US president Barrack Obama.

Over the years, he expanded his business and launched Startup Now, a firm connecting Startup businesses to investors.

It is in 2015 that he was ranked among top 40 entrepreneurs under the age of 40 in Kenya and Fashion Torch Africa named as one of Kenya’s fast-rising company’s in East and Central Africa.

While the aim of Fashion Torch Africa’s was to provide funding, mentorship, office space and marketing capacity for start-up businesses, an expose by one Annrita Kiriamit shows that it was also a scam.

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In 2016, he joined Blaze Kenya, a mentorship programme started by Safaricom to encourage self-employment among the youth.

In 2017, he was nominated for “Top 30 Under 30” Forbes Africa Awards.

How He bounced back.

Despite losing all he had in January 2018, Fadhili has also revealed he bounced back to entrepreneurship.

“ One day a friend of mine- Joan Ochun’g hooked me up to do strategy for Note Cosmetics Kenya that become a big break to me and I got myself an office in Ngara.”

Following latest revelations on who Wilkins is, it is yet to be known if this  Joan Ochung story is true or false.

Nonetheless, Fadhili says two months after getting an office in Ngara, he signed up Usain Bolt and started working with his team to help with Bolt Brand experience in Africa.

“ 2018 was my best year, I’ve worked with over 50 Brands both locally and globally, that’s why my upcoming agency’s mission of empowering brands and people to embrace possibilities means so much to me,” Fadhili explains

Some of his clients listed include Suzzie Beauty, Cold stone, Edith Kimani, Larry Madowo and Flair by Betty.

However, Larry Madowo, among other public figures such as Elani, Collins Injera and Edith Kimani have come out denying knowing Wilkins Fadhili.

From the facebook post, Fadhili has announced plans to open his third firm Brand Lab Africa.

WIll his Brand Lab Africa dream come to pass following latest exposes of him? will he truly bounce back? l

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