New Rates: This is what you will pay for using Telkom to call other networks

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Telkom has introduced a new bundle option to all networks that will see its customers make calls for as low as Sh1.50 cents, per minute.

The bundles have been spaced out in three tiers costing between Sh19 to Sh99.

In the first tier, customers will pay Sh19 and be charged Sh1.9 per minute, get 10 minutes to any network valid for 24 hours.

Subscribers in the second tier will part with Sh1.6 per minute for 30 minutes for a bundle worth Sh49 valid for 30 days.

The third tier will see subscribers part with Sh99 for 66 minutes with each minutes charge Sh1.5 for 30 days.

“This Voice bundle ensures Kenyans no longer have to rely on seasonal offers to get in touch with loved ones or run their businesses, most especially at a time when the Finance Act 2018 has made Voice, SMS and Data services more costly.” Telkom’s CEO, Aldo Mareuse said.

The bundle has no auto-renewal.

Subscribers will also earn ZIADA points, on Telkom’s loyalty programme, upon the purchase of a bundle.
Data, as well as Voice and Text Messaging remain vital in driving mobile telephony growth in Kenya.

To this end, Telkom has invested close to Sh9 Billion into its network modernisation programme, repositioning its Mobile and Enterprise businesses, in addition to the rollout of its Mobile Financial Services platform, T-kash.

Three weeks ago, the mobile service provider revised its service rates upwards following the implementation of the Finance Act 2018.

The revision saw its headline prices for Mobile Prepaid Voice and SMS increase by 30 cents and 10 cents respectively.

This translated to Off-net calls costing Sh3.30cts per minute, on-net calls went for Sh2.30cts per minute and SMS (any-net) retailed at Sh1.10cts per SMS.

In addition, the Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG) price for Mobile Data will increased by 30 cents per MB; this translated to a new Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG) price of Sh4.30cts.

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