10 things you need to register your mobile SIM Card


Did you know that you failure to register your SIM cards can cost you upto sh100,000 in court fines or upto six months in jail?

According to Communication Authority director general Francis Wangusi, unregistered SIM cards pose a serious security concern in the country.

To find yourself in the right side of the law, here are 10 things you need to have and submit for a successful registration of your SIM Cards.

1. Your full names

2. Identity card, service card, passport or alien card number

3. Date of birth

4. Gender

5. Physical address

6. Postal address, where available

7. Any other registered number

8. An original and a copy of the birth certificate and identity card in respect to the registration of minors

9. Subscriber number in respect of existing subscribers

10. A letter duly sealed by the chief executive officer of the person responsible for the day to day management of the statutory body.

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