In-depth Read: What to Know before buying Nokia 6.1

Two weeks ago I received the Nokia 6.1 for review. In this piece, I share my thoughts about the phone.

It is available in mobile stores across the country at only Sh29, 000.

I have to confess that the feeling of owning this device is great; the design is classy with a glass screen covering the entire front side of the phone. The remaining outside part is covered with an all metal black broke by a copper gold like edges.

So, is it worth the money?

I believe that most of us before purchasing a device will consider major features such as memory space, a camera and battery life. Allow me to begin with this three.



Nokia 6.1 has an internal storage of 32GB powered by a 4GB RAM. You can expand your memory with an external memory card of upto 256GB. With this card of memory , once can never run out of space to have both photos and videos installed in your device

However, despite the 4GB RAM, Nokia 6.1 just like other machines whose space is full will not take multiple commands with ease. Persistence on the same is likely to make the device freeze.

Due to this, it is advisable that you have enough space and ensure that your system is upgraded to the latest Android (currently Android 8.1.0)


Memory aside, Nokia 6.1 has one of the best cameras compared to other Android devices in its league. Its rear camera is 16 mega pixels while the front (selfy) camera is 8 megapixels both powered by ZEISS optics.

I took a number of photos during the day and at night using the rear camera and below is the results. Truth be told, if you are a fanatic of mobile photography then Nokia 6.1 will not disappoint, especially in a well-lit environment.


While both the memory size and camera are not disappointing, the battery life for Nokia 6.1 is not something to give 100 per cent bet on. In most cases, when charged to 100 per cent, it still cannot finish 24 hours without an alert to recharge it. This I found to be a let down especially when one is travelling for long distances or is in a place where power access is a problem.

In addition, the phone uses the USB port type C for charging and not the USB micro B. It also allows one to charge using a computer but on this, it may take a longer time to be full.

Also, if the battery is completely discharged, it may take several minutes before the charging indicator is displayed.


Nokia 6.1 is a dual SIM capable device. That means if you have two SIM cards and you find operating and walking with two phones is a baggage, then this is a perfect phone for you.

The challenge is, you will not be able to insert a memory card if you chose to have two Sims. This is because SIM 2 and the memory card share the same slot.

Also, you can only use the original nano-SIM card. Use of incompatible SIM cards may damage the card or the device, and may corrupt data stored in the card.

The user Interface is not one that would please anyone who loves swiping left and right looking for mobile apps. On Nokia 6.1 you have to swipe up and down to look for an app of choice.

It also took me quite sometime to realize where the screenshot and hotspot feature are. The drop down menu where you find Wi-Fi, Bluetooth mode and others is divided into two. The screen shot and Bluetooth are in the second “page” of the menu.


It is a good experience while swiping up and down until you realize that the device has no two important features, the Gallery and Recorder apps.

One has to got to the file manager, click on the drop down menu on the top far left end, then click on images to find your photos and screen shots and downloaded images among others.

Sounds like too much work, right? If it is, then you have to download a gallery app or use the Google Photos app to view images you capture.

The back side of Nokia 6.1 showing the Camera and the finger print scanner, which is one of the security features in the device.

Sadly for users who like to record talks, among other things, then you will be forced to download a recorder app.

The batter life is also something HMD Global should look at in bid to boost the performance of this device. They should also introduce an independent slot for the memory card.



You like a well-designed device, then Nokia 6.1 is the device for you.

The camera is good. The speakers are loud enough while playing music and it’s also not a heavy device. It’s light to carry around.

The 5.5” inch screen size of 1080 resolution gives a great full HD display of videos. It’s a good size for gaming too.

With all the above, is it worth it Sh29, 000, lets us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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