Kenya leads Africa as a mobile first country, Jumia study shows.

Jumia Managing director SAm Chappatte during the release of the Jumia White Paper; Image/ Courtesy

Kenya has been ranked first in Africa as a mobile first country ahead of Nigeria and South Africa, a new study shows.

The study done by online retailer Jumia shows that Kenya is the sub-Saharan leader in share of internet traffic coming from Mobile (overtaking Nigeria in 2017) at 83 per cent .

Nigeria was rated at 81 per cent while South Africa was rated at 71 per cent

Also notable in the trend, is an increase in Kenyans purchasing more for products on online retail platforms using mobile devices ( mobile web and app ) than the desktop.

“ The increasing use of mobile is due to an increase in more affordable devices and competition in the cost of data among service providers,” Jumia Managing director Sam Chappatte said.

He added that this reflected a growing importance of the smartphone, and trust in the Jumia brand as customers less often feel the need to have a bigger screen to make their purchase decision.

The study findings come amidst the Jumia Mobile week which offers price discounts on mobile phones until March, 25th .

Dubbed the Jumia Whitepaper , the study records that most of the affordable devices are from China led by Hong Kong based Transsion Holdings which owns the Tecno, Itel and Infinix brands.

According to the a International Data corporation fourth quarter report, Transsion is the biggest smartphone and feature phone vendor in Kenya with a staggering 58 per cent and 63 per cent market share respectively (by volume).

Whilst Tecno and infinix dominate the smartphone segment. Tecno and Itel dominate the feature phone segment. Samsung has a 17 per cent market share (by volume) driven by it’s economically priced J-series.

Other new entrants from China, set to hit the Kenyan market before the year end include Vivo and Xiaomi.

The increase of these devices, as recorded in the study have seen Kenya recently surpassing the 40 million mobile subscriptions in 2017 and stands at 41 million (+3%), with mobile penetration at 90.4% of the adult population.

To drive growth of smartphone market, Jumia pledged to continue selling high end devices on discounted prices saying that this has helped them sell over 250,000 smartphones in 2017.

“ This a 25 per cent increase compared to 2016, with prices stabilising at an average of Sh9000,” the study states.

Of the 250,000 , smartphones accounted for 97 per cent of all phones sold, while the 3 per cent representing feature phones. 68 per cent of the sales took place in Nairobi.

The study findings come amidst the Jumia Mobile week which offers price discounts on mobile phones until March, 25th .

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