OLX upgrades security features to protect users

Online classified company OLX has launched a new app and upgraded its website to provide its users an easier, faster, safer, and more local way of buying and selling used goods.

The change which is part of the firm’s global move to solidify its leading position includes upgrading of its security features to give users the most secure experience when trading through OLX.

Both buyers and sellers will need to register/login on the platform with verification happening either via mobile phone or through Facebook. Users will now have a profile, be able to see who they are talking to, and through Facebook verification, will be able to see if they have any mutual friends in common. This new layer of security will help to further prevent potential scammers and fraud for OLX users.

“This is our biggest update to date to the platform.We have improved every aspect of the OLX user experience, reaching a level of innovation that we are incredibly proud of,” said Sjoerd Nikkelen, OLX’s chief executive Africa and Middle East

OLX has also changed the way its products are displayed to users. The listings now appear in an intuitive news feed-style layout, similar to social media platforms.

By using a device’s built-in GPS, the geolocation system will look at where a user is and which offers are available in their area. The search area expands as users scroll through the listings. All the regular search functions, such as category and product filtering, will still be available.