How RE/MAX is planning to revolutionise the Kenyan Real estate market

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Real estate firm RE/MAX intends to play a crucial role in the streamlining of the real estate industry by working with various stakeholders including landlords and agents.

Recently there has been a rise in misunderstandings between landlords and tenants.

Some of this misunderstandings led to forced evacuations through uncouth means such as disconnection of power and water, locking of houses against the agreed terms, refusal to refund paid deposits and even use of human waste as witnessed recently in Lang’ata based apartments.

RE/MAX chief executive James Muratha told BIZNEWS that they hope to restore sanity and bring professionalism in the sector that has long been run by cartels.

The firm which started its operations in Kenya in mid 2017 said that it will suspend engagements with unscrupulous landlords, tenants and agents and only work with those who promote integrity and honesty with good service and quality.

“If a Landlord does not live upto the standards, we will not continue working with them, and in the future we don’t do business with them,” Muratha said

Currently, the firm is recruiting agents to expand its real estate brokerage hub and is targeting to grow the number of agents by more than 100 before the end of the year.

The agents will operate under independently run brokerage firms in RE/MAX .

They will join an international group with over 115,000 agents globally and in over 100 countries.

“We are also focusing on providing training and passing skills on international best practice to agents and thereby bring a fresh way of doing business in this industry.” Muratha said, noting that implementation of the same will help streamline the market.

The firm further said that most agents in the country need training which will help them in understanding the subject matter, that is real estate and therefore giving proper guidance to their clients when it comes to real estate transactions.

In bid to ease rentals and purchase or sale of property, it has put in place an e-commerce like portal for property that will let the public have the freedom to select rental houses or purchase property of their choice.

“Just like you do with Uber, we provide the platform, where they list property for sale. The agents, through their individual brokerage firms use the property to look for clients who want similar property as listed in the platform,” Muratha said.

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