How Ugandan DeiPlaces intends to boost Kenyan tourism by 20 per cent

A Ugandan based technology firm seeks to boost Kenyan tourism through its social networking platform unveiled today.

The platform dubbed Dei places gives citizens an opportunity to discover, create and share places and memories with friends and families.

It was first launched in Uganda in December 2017 and has so far attracted over 100,000 subscribers.

“There are over a billion places across the continent worth visiting but people do not know about them. DeiPlaces is now here to help us market such places to the world. If well embraced, I am certain we will increase Kenyan local tourism by over 20 per cent,” Dei places business development manager Paul Bamutaze said.

A screenshot of Deiplaces web page showing a listed tourist attraction park

The platform will also be beneficial to tourism and travel stakeholders, as they can market their products, tour spots and activities.

According to Bamutaze, if well harnessed, DeiPlaces will improve local tourism by the end of the year.
To access the DeiPlaces platform, one has to register and create an account by visiting DeiPlaces website page or download DeiPlaces in Google Playstore or ios Appstore.

The platform focuses on individuals, organizations among other entities sharing information in pictures, videos and words about places.

It comes at a time when internet connectivity in the country is growing fast with mobile phone subscribers standing at over 37 million while internet users are 31.9 million.

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