Kengen To Set Up A 40 Megawatt Solar Power Plant In Embu

KenGen has announced plans to set up a 40 Megawatt solar power in Embu County to complement the existing hydro power generation sources.

According to KenGen Chairman Joshua Choge, the project is funded by the USAID which will provide a roadmap for a hybrid system to generate solar power and feasibility studies for the project are at an advanced stage.

“There is enormous potential to tap solar power in the lower parts of Embu County. We are convinced the plant will generate between 10 megawatt and 40 Megawatts upon completion” said Choge.

Embu Governor Martin Wambora noted that the county government had already identified 600 acres of land in Machang’a, Embu for solar power generation.

“We have already identified a French investor to set up a solar power plant and we expect that they will be coming soon to make good their pledge,” said the Governor.

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