Huawei Technologies Renews MoU with ICT Authority to Support Kenya’s Digital Transformation

Huawei Technologies has renewed its partnership with the government of Kenya to improve provision of ICT skills, build capacity as well as infrastructure and IT services.

The MoU is focused on ICT research and innovation, sharing ICT best practices, development of ICT infrastructure and e-government services, building  ICT capacity amongst government and the ecosystem, promoting digital skills for university students and promoting ICT literacy amongst the disadvantaged and unemployed.

According to Huawei deputy Chief Executive, Frank Zhou, Huawei is keen on partnering with the government and other agencies on ICT projects that will go a long way in boosting the country’s economy.

“For us the signing of this MoU is proof of our continued commitment towards growing the ICT sector in Kenya”, said Zhou.

Under the previous MoU with the ICT Authority, there were a number of notable achievements by Huawei Technologies among them the provision of internships to 100 students at the Huawei Kenya offices, and sponsoring another 28 to go to China for ICT training. Other key achievements were through their contribution to supporting youth initiatives, industry development, training and using ICT for development activities.

Huawei continues to lay out its digital transformation plans for various major ministries such as health, security, education, and transport among others in Kenya in a bid to help the country fulfill vision 2030.

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