Clearing agents’ vow to withdraw court cases against KRA


In a move meant to mend their frosty relationship with Kenya Revenue Authority, clearing and forwarding agents have announced plans to withdraw all cases going on in court against the tax collector.

This comes amidst a delay of their 2017 operations license by the taxman which has seen most members complain of huge losses for using the 2016 licenses.

Through their association Kenya Internation Freight and Warehousing Association, the agents told BIZNEWS that the only way for them to move forward is to dialogue with KRA.

From the association’s point of view, they have lost about Sh100 million since they can’t bid for tenders with old licenses despite a court order issued in July this year that saw the two institutions agree on the modalities of the license.

“We can never run away from KRA. We can never run away from customs. The only way forward is to dialogue,” KIFWA chairman William Ojonyo said during a breakfast meeting with the association members in Nairobi last week.

“All matters in court should be withdrawn because we cannot solve everything through the court and neither can we be in court forever.” He added.

In spelling out an elaborate reform agenda under his leadership, Ojonyo reiterated transforming the image of clearing and forwarding agents is “not just urgent but unstoppable.”

We must have a reform agenda. We must change how we look because we cannot keep blaming others when we ourselves have image problems.

“We need to reform ourselves. We need to reform how we do things and how we operate to make us more vibrant and competitive in the changing times.”

KIFWA is proposing minimum training standards for all directors and company owners as pre-condition for renewal of licenses.

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