List Of Plastic Industries That Have Closed Down Due To Plastic Bags Ban

The recent ban on plastic bags in the country has led to temporary suspension of manufacturing and delivery operations by plastic manufacturers.

This is to enable them get clarification after ​NEMA​ published new directives that give exemption to flat bag uses.

The manufacturers want clarification on clearance letters as required from NEMA for both manufacturers and their users and the Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS) permit which expired on 28th August 2017, when the plastic ban was officially effected.

The Kenya Association of Manufacturers (KAM) who confirmed receiving closure notifications said manufacturers also seek clarification on Extended producer/user responsibility and enforcement intervention and implementation​ for manufacturers and users.

Some of the household products adversely affected include salt and ​maize flour.​

Distribution and supply of fertilizer is also affected because the flat plastic liners used in their packaging are affected by the ​ban​.

Kenya stands to lose export revenue because of uncertainty in​ manufacture of plastic flat bags used for packaging of, flowers, fish, tea and EPZ exports.

Below is a list of confirmed plastic makers that have closed shops:

  1. Kensalt
  2. Silpack industries
  3. King plastics
  4. General plastics
  5. Packaging Industries Limited (PIL)
  6. Polythene Industries
  7. Polyflex Industries 
  8. Uni plastics
  9. Laneeb plastics
  10. Hi-plast Ltd
  11. Packaging masters
  12. Comet plastics

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