What You Need To Know About The New Virus Targeting Gamers

Global leader in cyber security ESET, has discovered a new threat targeting gamers worldwide  with backdoor, spying, and Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) capabilities.

The sneaky malware named Joao, is a modular malware capable of downloading and running other malicious code on the victim’s computer.

To spread their malware, the attackers behind Joao have misused massively-multiplayer online role-playing games originally published by Aeria Games.

Compared to downloading and launching a legitimate Aeria game, the only visible difference is an extra .dll file in the game’s installation folder.

How it Infects your computer:

  • The affected games have been modified to run Joao’s main component – a malicious library with downloading capabilities dll, detected by ESET’s systems as Win32/Joao.A.
  • When users run the game launcher, Joao is launched along with it.
  • Upon launching, the Joao downloader first sends basic information about the infected computer – device name, OS version and information on user privileges to the attacker’s server.
  • After the communication with the server has been established, server-side logic decides whether and which components will be sent to the victim’s computer. The components discovered by ESET showed backdoor, spying, and DDoS capabilities.

Safety precaution:

To clean the malware, one can use a reliable security solution to detect and remove the threat. You can also use ESET’s Free Online Scanner.

  • To avoid infections gamers are advised to Favor official sources whenever possible and to keep all games updated to avoid vulnerabilities that can be exploited by malicious actors.
  • Use a reliable security solution while playing since many security solutions today have a gamer mode option that lets you enjoy your games without interruptions while also keeping your computer protected.


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