SGR train-Madaraka express stalls at Kibwezi

Passengers onboard the Madaraka Express train E1 from Mombasa to Nairobi suffered a 1 hour 15 minutes delay at Kibwezi following an unscheduled stoppage.

The train, which had left Mombasa Terminus at 09:00 am was scheduled to arrive in Nairobi at 1:42 pm but due to the delays it arrived at 3:30 pm.

Kenya Railways Managing Director, Atanas Maina said a technical fault alert was issued from the system, which caused the crew to stop the train in line with operating safety procedures.

Following the alert, a rescue operation was undertaken and the journey continued.

“We are confident of the functionality of the Madaraka Express and safety of our passengers remains paramount. We are working on continuous improvement of our services in order to improve on our customers’ experience and in this regard, we will have a full inspection tomorrow, July 13 (today), as part of our continuous monitoring mechanisms since we commenced operations around 42 days ago. Further analysis by the engineering team to establish the cause of the malfunction are ongoing,” Maina said in a statement sent to BizNews Desk.

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