Top Tips for Business Presentation

Creating eye catching and interesting power points presentations is important for businesses and companies. When developing a strategic marketing plan, one may need a powerpoint presentation (ppt) which is not just showing text and graphics but with animations and good transitions. There is a need for business people to understand the aspects to consider while creating a powerful ppt.

Keep it Simple
Do not complicate things. Avoid putting too much bullet points & texts. They are boring to the audience. You need a presentation that will not bore your investors or business partners. Major on the use of icons and graphics that represent your ideas and processes.


Use Animations
Incorporate the use of animation feature in ppt to time how long each slide should last on the screen. If your presentation is supposed to be 20 minutes, your slides should be set to say 15 or 16 minutes to allow time for breaks and clarifications. However, do not use too much animations for example, blinking and rotating.

Use Graphs & Charts

Pie chart and graph

Use illustrative Charts and Graphs in your presentation to represent information. Charts and graphs are a summary of your data, for example, the target market or reach. The charts and graphs should, however, be used appropriately. Additionally, incorporate infographics in your ppt, it is an amazing way to describe scenarios



Choose Color Appropriately 
Use an attractive color as your theme. Stick to your Company’s brand colors and ensure that you incorporate them properly. Let not your presentation looks like a Rainbow. While representing information on Charts, make sure your color selection matches.

Extra Tips
Also, think of something more challenging. Try creating audio for the presentation and implementing it on the presentation so that all you will have to do is press play and the presentation plays your animated ppt with audio. Isn’t this amazing? This means you will not have to talk; the ppt will do it all for you. Powerpoint offers powerful editing tools that allow you to do all the above.
Finally, do not forget to use an official font and do away with powerpoint templates completely, create your own visual and unique theme. It is not hard to do so.

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