Electronic Cargo Tracking System To Help Taxman Identify Tax Evators

KRA Vendor, Borderless Tracking Limited (BTL) has announced a real time-time tracking solution to help transporters comply with the laid down transport regulations.

The system helps customs and private cargo transporters monitor the movement of goods remotely.

Upon the installation of the In-Vehicle-Module (IVM) tracking device on the trucks, a compliance certificate is issued by Borderless Tracking Ltd and submitted to KRA for verification; and later issued to the transporter.

Both BTL and the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) are then able to monitor the movement of trucks transporting cargo along gazetted routes.

This ensures efficient cargo security screening, cargo declaration, and compliance across multiple regulatory requirements.

‘’Transporters do not have to worry about getting on the wrong side of the law once they have adhered to all the laid down regulations. Once certified, they will meet a wide range of safety, security and commercial compliance mandates,’’ BTL General Manager, Esther Wainaina said

Rogue long distance truckers have also been put on notice as the Police and customs officials join forces to carry out road inspection points along the Mombasa-Malaba highway in a bid to curb tax evasion.

The authorities will be on the look out for cargo that has been tampered with while on transit to neighboring countries.

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