New SAFETRAC Solution To Help Track Students To , Within and From School

Technology company Safetrac Limited  last week showcased its students tracking solution at the Mombasa Kids Talent Search Festival. The company was also among the official sponsors of the event which was held on Saturday 15th, 2017 at the Mombasa Sports Club.

Known as Students Tracking and Admin Reporting system (STARS), the solution can be used to track students in and outside of school. Every student is issued with a tag which transmits a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) signal that uniquely identifies them to the system.

The admin part of the system allows teachers to easily capture the class attendance. Using the system, teachers are able to take roll call by just the press of a button. A register is then automatically generated and saved for easy accessibility by other school administrators of staff.  This saves time as teachers don’t have to take attendance manually.

Monitor Movement

The Admin/ Teacher’s Module comes in handy for teachers when taking the students out for field tours/excursions. Using this, the teacher in charge of the excursion is able to monitor the students taking the trip with him/her and monitor their movements especially in crowded places like trade fairs. The tag transmits its ID signal up to 30 meters. When the student wanders further than the set distance, a proximity alert will be activated by the app

The solution can be used to track students in and outside of school,allows teachers to easily capture the class attendance, monitor their movements especially in crowded places like trade fairs among other functions

‘’Schools need to realize the accumulating benefits of using student tracking systems to improve student safety while at the same time optimizing bus routing and communication with parents/guardians regarding transportation matters. ‘’ this is according to Benard Limo, Technical Manager, Safetrac Limited 

The Student Tracking and Admin Reporting System (STARS), also features the Guardian’s or parent’s app which allows them to monitor school bus movements as it picks students to and from the school. This is helpful since the parent doesn’t have to stand outside for long durations waiting for the bus, especially during cold and rainy seasons. From the comfort of their homes, the parents can be able to monitor the bus movements and go out to catch it just as it takes the last corner to your destination.

STARS also has a separate Bus Driver Module that lets drivers capture the students boarding the bus. This ensures that there is no mix up i.e. children going to a certain route finding themselves in a different bus and end up being taken to the wrong route. Through the driver module, such cases are identified, captured and mitigated when the students are boarding the bus home from school.

STARS offers massive benefits like providing security alerts when the student deviates from his/her assigned stop. This makes it easy for both parents and school administrators to quickly and effectively respond to and manage emergency situations.

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