How To Track Kenya’s Government Progress On Projects

“Decisions are made based on the quality of information that one has” Those were the words of  the Deputy President of the Republic of Kenya William Ruto during the unveiling of the  National Government Public Delivery Portal.

Going live by the URL  the website was launched on Monday morning with an aim of informing the public with quality information on what the government has achieved for the period they have been in office.

This follows an earlier announcement by President Uhuru on launching the portal when he addressed the Nation on March 15th 2017.

” Many are the times that most people have found themselves stuck in debates asking what the government has delivered for the period they have been in office. Due to inadequate or lack of information in some instances, the debators end up having zero answers. This is one of the reasons why the portal is being launched” noted Secretary of delivery at the office of the President Nzioka Waita.

In addition Nzioka noted that there are thousand of untold stories among Kenyans, this include building of roads and bridges that never existed at all in the last four years. All this information, he says, is now accessible through the delivery portal

How To Track.



For ease of access and tracking, the portal is divided into 3 sections namely; Flagship Programmes, My County and Ministry Milestones.

You can click on any of the three sections and  select on the drop downs that appear when you click on the Flagship Programmes, this include the majors sectors such as education, security, Infrastructure , Agriculture and so on. When you click on my counties,the Kenyan Map pops up with names of the 47 counties, just click on any county of your choice to see what development is ongoing or complete and on the last section which is the Ministry milestones, you will click on the drop down arrow asking you to select ministry. Select any ministry of your choice and follow their progress.

In addition to all the above, the portal allows you to give feedback or ask any questions  about the development of any ministry or county.  Scroll down to the footer of the portal and click on the button asking you to Get In Touch! According to President Uhuru, it will only take the Presidents Delivery Unit a maximum of 48 hours to get back to you. However this is set to reduce to 12 hours in the coming days.

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