Enhance Your Personal Skills With Barclays Ready To Work Programme, Its Free of Charge!

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Efforts to end unemployment in Kenya have continued to bore fruits over recent times following a number of corporates coming onboard with programmes to create opportunities for over 35% jobless youths in the country.

However, according to Barclays Bank of Kenya most of these youths do not have the necessary interpersonal skills to make them fit for the available opportunities in the work force.

In this regard, the bank has unveiled a training programme on interpersonal skills dubbed READY TO WORK. The programme provides learning material that will help individuals develop work skills, people skills, money skills and entrepreneurial skills. One can select their own learning pathway depending on their individual needs and complete the learning online using a computer, tablet or mobile platforms.

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Prior to launching Ready To Work, Barclays CEO Jeremy Awori noted that while universities and colleges are providing many of the hard skills needed to succeed in the job market, little is offered in the way of teaching soft skills – like how to build a network, how to get on with colleagues, how best to present yourself in an interview, how to win business or how to promote your skill set to employers. These skills are, of course, fundamental to making it in the world of business.

People Skills

People skills; for instance, consists of applying effective communication skills at the workplace, understanding how to relate with fellow staff and learning how to manage emotional intelligence for the purposes of controlling emotional reactions. These skills may sound simple but lack of them has led to thousands of people losing their jobs!

People skills will help your understand how to easily connect with others both at work and in the field hence increasing your network which is positive for business for those who are sole proprietors or marketers.

To those looking for  employment,  you will be able to learn that employers look for not only technical skills  and your experience on the job but also how well do you connect and relate with other members of staff.  A good understanding of these skills will improve your employability rate and business relations.

The People skills module begins with a lesson on basic skills; what are people skills, why are they important and why should you understand yourself as a person. After this lesson you will dig deeper on how to manage and handle conflict at work, Stress and emotional intelligence to help you build healthy relationships.

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