Ukweli Party’s Plan For SMEs, Hawkers and Large Scale Businesses

Ukweli Party, a political movement unveiled today at Kenya House has announced its plan to re-work on regulations that create unfair working environment for SMEs, Hawkers and Large Scale enterprises.

In an exclusive interview with Biznews, the party Secretary General Nduko Matigere said the current business environment doesn’t assure growth due to misplaced regulations and a high cost of operation.

“When the cost of energy is high, the cost of production is high hence creation of a difficult environment for competition within the manufacturing sector” said Nduko, in regards to the energy and manufacturing industry.


In addition to the above , Nduko noted the magnitude of rhetoric debates between the government and the opposition as far as creating a conducive environment for the business community is concerned, terming it as wastage of time for people who are in business and that Ukweli Party is determined to act and not just speak.

On hawkers, he proposed the need for a review in the legal regulatory and policy framework especially on decriminalizing any citizen who is in the business of making a living.


“As Ukweli party we will push for the adoption of laws that will enable hawker’s access public spaces to do business on specific days and time, so as to avoid the conflict between government and private formal businesses.” Nduku Clarified.

The Party, whose leader is Activist Boniface Mwangi, uses sugarcane as their party symbol which they believe is what every Kenyan should enjoy, the sweet taste of freedom and the fruits of their labour.

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