5 Reasons Why Tecno Winpad 2 Is A Must Have Device

Tecno Winpad 2, Image Courtesy: Specs Price Nigeria


One month after the unboxing and review of the Tecno Winpad 2, we bring you five out of experience reasons on  why you need to walk into a Tecno branded shop and get this amazing device.

They include;

It’s ability to multi task without losing any tabs-  the beauty about Winpad two ,is its ability to handle as many tabs as possible while running other programs such as Microsoft Word or Excel in the background. Its detachable keyboard makes your navigation easier through the tabs.

It has Super-fast speed – A very vital feature,is its super speed powered by 64-bit Intel Quad core processor and 2GB RAM . The speed does not disappoint even on instances where you are operating more than one programe or tabs. For instance, you can play Youtube ,post a blog and fill in Excel statistics at the same time.  Interms of internet, WinPad 2 supports 3G LTE/Wifi networks

It’s Sleek in design and Portable– At this age and time, Tecno has ensured that your sleek,light weight Microsoft powered  Winpad is easily portable. You can chose to leave its detachable keyboard at home or in the office and turn your Winpad into a tablet by using the on-screen keyboard while in a meeting, or as you travel.

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It has Long lasting Power Capacity – Acquiring Tecno Winpad 2 means an end to power issues with your device,because it comes with a battery capacity of 7000mAh that is able to run for 2-3 days without non stop, depending on your usage.

It’s affordable – Last but not least,the device is affordable. With slightly over Ksh , 30 000 Kenya shillings, you will be able to get yourself the Winpad 2, a 2 in one device which comes with a sim and memory card slots from any of the Tecno branded shops


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