Latest Millionaires In Kenya Courtesy Of Pambazuka Lottery

Francis Yenko,One of the 5 Christmas draw winners . Image : Courtesy

Come 1st January 2017,Kenya will have  10 more Millionaires courtesy of Pambazuka National Lottery.

Christmas day winners will be awarded their cheques on 28th of December.

Pambazuka National Lottery announced five lucky winners in their show on Christmas day the 25th December 2016 , of whom each will be awarded 1 million Kenya shillings

This is part of their holiday promotion that will see them award 10 individuals making Kenya have 10 more millionaires come January 2017.

The next five will be announced on new year’s day 1st January 2017.

How To Participate

All Kenyans above the age of 18 years still stand a chance to take part and be a winner by purchasing the Pambazuka National lottery tickets for the 1st January 2017.

“We believe that holiday season is a time to spread cheer and bring hope to Kenyans, we are doing this by giving all Kenyans a chance to participate in New year 1st January Jackpot which is a must win because all the tickets bought shall participate in the raffles where the 10 winners for the Ksh 1 million shillings will be picked” noted Paul Kinuthia, the Chief Executive Officer of Pambazuka National Lottery

Entrepreneurship Program

Winners will be taken through an entrepreneurship skills program as a way to help them invest their money on income generating activities and businesses

How To win

In addition to this Paul encouraged all Kenyans to purchase a ticket through the retail shops across the country or through the online platform “SMS” by simply texting PNL to 79079 and following the instructions on how to play and stand a chance to be part of the Millionaires that will be announced on New Year’s day.

Pambazuka National Lottery has had over 40,000 winners since inception less than 6 months ago and in addition to the cash winnings Pambazuka National Lottery also help the disadvantaged people in society through their ‘good deeds’ Corporate Social Responsibility initiative that has been going around different counties creating positive impact in the communities and in various Children’s Home.

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