Damco Embraces Vehicle Tracking Solutions To Enhances Cargo Security

Mr.Peter Echessah CEO Safetrac limited

Damco, a global provider of innovative freight forwarding and supply chain management services will now have full  control of their vehicles through uninterrupted tracking and detailed reporting.

This follows a new partnership with Safetrac Limited , a leading Fleet information, Tracking and  Management company.

Safetrac Limited will provide Damco with a  standard vehicle tracking solution, IMT 54 which enhances cargo security for  vehicles through tracking within East Africa.

Electronic Seal

The solution also has an electronic  seal making it hard for cargo to be tampered with and ensures drivers are route  compliant. With Safetrac’s Cargo Tracking solution, Damco will also be able to enhance  efficiency, profitability and reliability for its customers.

According to Benard Limo, Head of Technical Support at Safetrac, the container  tracking solution comes incorporated as an advanced technology, with  impeccable design, which provides great performance and delivery of efficient  and reliable delivery of container and cargo security.


He further notes that this superior European Technology enhances the robust  fleet telematics solution by aiding in route management and compliance through  geo-fencing and route mapping which tracks and reports corridor deviations and  violations in system highlighted geo-fences/geo- zones.

Other solutions

Other solutions to be  offered by Safetrac Limited include Trailer Truck, panic button,  immobilization, temperature control and monitoring systems, tipper/bucket  lifting control systems, and On-Board Diagnostics (OBD) Socket Integrated Vehicle  Tracking System.

It will enable the fleet owners to save time by giving them timely  reports and notifications by minimizing the phone call traffic with the drivers on  the field in addition to helping the  company  screen excess mileage and out of  business trips and improve their fuel economy.



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