Benefits Of The New Total Excellium Petrol And Excellium Diesel

Managing Director TOTAL KENYA Anne-Solange fuels a car during the launch of the TOTAL Excellium

Total Kenya has today introduced a new range of automobile fuels, the Total Excellium Petrol and Total Excellium Diesel These are additive fuels that clean the engine kilometer-after-kilometer providing a long lasting protection.

The two have been confirmed to not only clean the engines, make them more efficient and economical but also prevent or reduce carbon deposits build up.

In comparison with fuels with no specific additives Total Excellium avails the following benefits to Customers;

1.    A clean engine lasts longer-  By eliminating deposits, Total Excellium enables your engine to maintain its performance. Its anti-corrosion technology protects your engine for an extended lifetime and less engine maintenance


Managing Director TOTAL KENYA Anne-Solange fuels a car assisted by Anthony Gichuki, TOTAL Kenya Network Sales Manager during the launch of the TOTAL Excellium petrol and Diesel.

2.       A clean engine uses less fuel  -a clean engine devoid of deposit build up is more efficient and consumes less fuel.  Total Excellium contains detergents which clean the sensitive engine  parts such as injectors and intake valves.

3.        A clean engine pollutes less –  By improving running of your engine, Total Excellium contributes to a reduction in polluting emissions (carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons). The reduction in consumption directly results in a reduction in CO2 emissions which goes to protect our environment

4.    Less foaming of Diesel  – Total Excellium additive results to reduced foaming of Diesel and especially during filling

Total Excellium fuels are compatible with all types of Vehicles including the new and old .The will be available at all 184 Total Stations countrywide at no extra cost.

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