Tecno WinPad 2 Unboxing And Review

To crown your festive moment, Tecno Mobile has released the TECNO WINPAD 2, With a detachable keyboard barely a month after the release of Droipad 10 pro II which we had a priviledge to unbox it for you.It comes available in grey and gold colours.


As an upgrade of last years Winpad 10,this 2016 Winpad 2 comes with pre-installed  mobile windows 10 operating system ,making you have a mobile experience .we have the priviledge to review this 3G enabled device for you.

Before we get into more details, what’s in the box?

Packed in a  slightly bigger rectangular box than the Droipad 10 pro II, the Winpad 2 with a 10.1  In place switching (IPS ) screen is the first thing you see once you open the box as it is neatly placed.The screen has a landscape mode which makes it look better and gives a wider view of images or movies.


Inside the box is the 2.0 USB charger and its cable, a user guider manual ,a travel adaptor with a two and three pin connector, a detachable keyboard and lastly a leather pouch like that of Droipad 10 Pro II

Detachable Keyboard.

Unlike the Droipad 10 pro II, the keyboard in this case does not use Bluetooth. Instead, it is docked to the tablet. On it, is a button to undock it, placed at its upper centre. Its dimension is 260.5 x 164.9 x 9.8mm On its right side, is a USB charging port ( the keyboard has another charging port on its left side) which allows you to charge it separately from the pad, as the latter has its own charging port.


Looking at the right side of the pad, there is an available mini HDMI port that allows you to connect your device to an external screen. Above it is a 3.0 USB


With the Winpad 2,then power issues becomes a thing of the past. This device has a battery capacity of 7000 mAh/4.35v. once fully charged, the battery is expected to last you at least 2-3  days with power depending on your usage.




To have all you documents,videos and images saved, Winpad 2 comes with an internal 64GB memory running on a 2GB run. Does it sound small? Well on the pad bottom, is another port for micro SD card ( external memory) expandable up to 128GB .

Beside the micro SD port is a micro SIM port which give you an option to have your simcard within the pad.

Other Features

well, the Winpad has other features which include;

  • Dual camera ( front and rear camera of 2 mp and 5 mp respectively)
  • A Quad-core Intel Atom processor x5-Z8350 Cherry Trail clocked at 1.9GHz
  • uses  3G and 4G LTE  Network (only on the model sold by Safaricom)