Why You Need To Be On Safaricom’s New 4G Network

Mobile data Internet subscriptions have created a fighting arena where telecommunication sector have to define its dominance by offering better mobile data deals and high internet speeds.

Telecommunications giant Safaricom Limited has defined it positon and launched an expanded 4G network which will now be fully available in seven cities. Nakuru, Eldoret, Meru, Kisii and Kisumu and the surrounding areas now have full 4G coverage.

This follows the earlier launch at the end of 2014 in the two largest cities, Nairobi and Mombasa which will now be fully available in seven cities across the country.

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These 4G initiatives will strengthen the country’s position as a regional mobile innovation and positions Kenya as one of Africa’s leading markets with fast, affordable broadband internet. Safaricom ambitions to magnify the 4G network is to meet growing broadband demand for its customers.

Customers on the 4G network will have the following benefits;


When activates on 4G you can do more with Network, which will also motivate the mobile data uptake in Kenya. Safaricom customers will be able to do more on the internet as the network guarantees five times faster internet speeds.

There are no additional charges for using 4G. It will be buffer-free and crystal-clear videos, Music streaming, faster social media uploads and instant downloads. Download speeds will be between 5 and 12 Mbps (Megabits per second) and upload speeds between 2 and 5 Mbps, with peak download speeds approaching 50 Mbps.

4G Enabled

To drive mobile data uptake Safaricom has implemented a 36% reduction in data pricing, cheaper 4G devices at Safaricom shops and specialized 4G bundles. As it continues its investment in building the most advanced 2G, 3G and 4G capability. If you’re on monthly bundle package and exhaust your bundle within 30 days, you will be charged the published in bundle rate of Ksh. 0.29/MB until the expiry of the 30 days.



 Customer power.

Safaricom recently introduced My Data Manager, My Data Manager tool gives customers power to control data bundle usage,  Customers can dial *544# to access My Data Manager.

This tool, available on any handset from a short code,*100*2#ok (prepay) or *200*2#ok post pay my data manager and  follow the prompts  will allow customers to block further data use after using up their bundle.

All Safaricom customers can check if they have a 4G enabled SIM card by dialling *544# and selecting “Safaricom 4G Bundles and SIM Check”.

They will offer  free SIM Swaps for customers switching to 4G SIM cards.