Equity’s EazzyLoan can make you rich in an instant

The other day a friend of mine was struggling to pay his rent. The landlord was on his case since he had a huge debt and his door was locked with two heavy locks that couldn’t be manipulated with kerosene – you know, the kawaida tricks people use when they have locked the key inside the house – weird Nairobi life.

This guy lived a solo kind of life. He did everything in secret, even his family members never knew his know how. That means obtaining a facility from a bank could not act as a merit in his current situation because banks have this crazy procedures that one must write stuff down and provide a guarantor or guarantors. M-SHWARI was also not an option. His loan limit at that time was Ksh800.

To add on that, he doesn’t have a comprehensive pay slip that has the monthly deductions like NSSF, NHIF and insurance. He was just a worker. A man around Nairobi trying to hustle his way through life. His landlord could not maintain his cool because he wanted his money a sap. The guy’s rent had accumulated to reach 30k.

Alfred, the guy in-trouble approached me for a soft loan, but I couldn’t offer to help because 30k is a punch above my weight. I couldn’t afford it. So we went on the internet to search for ‘soft loans app’, ‘easy loans facilities in Kenya’, then Equity’s EazzyLoan website came up on the first page of Google search.

Now, it was a relief to see that one can borrow up to 3million via the EazzyApp, and we needed 30k only; maybe 5k on-top of it to act as pesa ya macho. When you install the App on your phone, you don’t need a guarantor to get a loan and it allows you to monitor your loan balance and make repayments via the App or Equitel line…crazy right? It’s also safer and you are given a grace period of 12 months to repay the loan.

Alfred has an Equity account and an active Equitel line which made things a little easy. Anyway, if you don’t have an Equity account, you can dial *247# using your current number and open one instantly. My friend didn’t have the EazzyApp so he went to his Equitel Menu – my money – loans – get loan – loan type – account – enter amount – confirm details – enter pin – clicked (=) thing – and logged onto the EazzyApp.

FYI, if you have the EazzyApp and you wish to access the EazzyLoan, Select loans: Click on the (+) sign at the bottom right hand side, select request loan – select bank account that the loan should be deposited into – Type in the amount you would like to borrow and click enter (The sliding bar will become active and using the tool, you will be able to see payment details i.e. the loan duration, estimated amount due and estimated repayment date) – Click on request loan – Confirm details, accept the terms and conditions and click request loan – You will receive an SMS confirmation.


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