Factors to consider before developing an e-commerce website

Starting a business may seem seamless in your mind but challenges always arise when you open a shop. This can be an online platform or a physical building in a market. With the advent of technological advancement and internet coverage in Africa, many people are developing e-commerce platforms to capture the ever growing social media market.

But, not all mobile commerce or web based shops are successful, most of them don’t have enough subscriptions or viewership to sustain themselves. This has made many mobile commerce platforms to close down or become extinct. Of-course the giants like Jumia and Olx will continue to grow everyday because they grabbed their market a long time ago. These are some of the factors you need to consider before starting an e-commerce platform.


If you own an e-commerce platform just know that you are competing with all supermarkets in the country. People will always compare your prices with what they are offered in the shelves. As a shop owner, you need to do a smart price analysis, then decide on the pricing so that you can offer the best prices to your clients without incurring a loss in the business.

When it comes to comparing prices with other e-commerce platforms, there are a number of tools used to extract prices from other websites. Some of the tools are; Import.io and DataCrops.


Don’t upload everything that is in your house and put a price tag on them. You must check their quality because the market is now crowded with exemplary service providers. Ensure that the products you are selling on your website have high quality standards, and be the same as you described on your website. If you want to sell second hand products like OLX, consider the nature of the product before sharing it.


Soft robbery and cybercrime are now on the rise and consumers always check for the security of their confidential information like credit card data. Essentially, your site must be certified by relevant security tools like SSL certificate tools.

Customer support

You must have good resources to either employ delivery guys or have strong social media managers who will answer questions all the in time. For you to stay relevant in the market, you need to work round-the-clock because people will be viewing the site all the time.


Apps are now taking-over everything. It’s important for an e-commerce platform to have a reliable and easy to use App. Having a mobile app or mobile version of your e-commerce website is crucial as many people visit your website from their smartphones now. While developing the site, make sure that you develop a mobile version as well.




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