Kilimall enables users to buy products across the world through its Global Shopping service

Shopping malls are erected in every corner of the city. This move can be viewed as development since people are offered one-stop shops and wholesale outlets. On the other end eCommerce is also a lucrative venture that some entrepreneurs are making strides in ensuring that the platforms are convenient and reliable globally. Kilimall, a renown online commerce platform has launched a new service that enables Kenyans to buy products from various markets across the world on the internet.

Through the Global Shopping service, Kilimall takes orders from shoppers for best-in- class products, sources them from pre-qualified merchants globally then delivers directly to customers in Kenya.

Kilimall International Operations Director Victor Ma says the global shopping service will provide more variety for Kenyan shoppers and save them the cost and inconvenience of travelling to those markets.

Through global shopping, Kilimall hopes to tap the growing demand for global products from Kenya’s burgeoning middle class both for home use and resale. “There is growing demand for various products from different markets worldwide. Kenyans can buy a variety of products from different markets from the comfort of their offices or living rooms,” Victor said.

It will take an average of 25 days to deliver products at a cost of only Ksh250-400. “Good things come to those who wait. Kenyans have been really looking for products in the global market but had no link for getting them cost-effectively,” said victor.

The product categories on offer under global shopping range from fashion, electronics and home & living.

He said more Kenyans have been using the service since they started piloting it few months ago and the numbers are set to grow as the festival December period approaches when Kenyans spend more.

Kilimall’s global shopping saves customers money and freight charges. The mode of payment varies depending on the product. Global shopping has been launched ahead of Black Friday big sale in late November.

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