Suppliers, Retailers & Manufacturing To Enjoy Good Business Practice

The business practice between the suppliers, retailers and manufacturers will no longer face challenges since a taskforce for raising the business to be good has been formed by the State Department of Trade Principal Secretary, Dr. Chris Kiptoo.

This comes after the concerned individuals raised concerns on the critical matters affecting them such as late payments, building collaborations that enable ease of trade and developing a shared vision for all stakeholders.

Commenting on the issue, Dr. Kiptoo stated that the taskforce provides a platform for developing a framework by which late payment culture in Kenya among other issues will be addressed. “Late payments have been a huge problem between retailers and suppliers. Development of shared vision and guiding principles of good practices will play a key role in solving such issues,” said Dr. Kiptoo.

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KAM Chair, Ms. Flora Mutahi noted that taskforce will guide the team in mitigating the challenges facing suppliers and retailers. “As KAM, our fears are based on the structural weaknesses existing in the Kenyan wholesale and retail sector which affect our efficiencies to make payments. This taskforce can address these issues through clear policy and guidelines,” added Ms. Mutahi.

The taskforce is composed of Kenya Association of Manufacturers (KAM), Retailers Association of Kenya (RETRAK), and Association of Kenya Suppliers among others.