OLX introduces a paid adverts option to increase revenue

OLX has introduced a pay option for users who wish to increase visibility of their adverts. The option requires OLX site users to pay amounts ranging from Sh999 to Sh5,499, depending on the category of the item on sale, to position their advert at the top section for a period of time.

OLX plans to establish a new revenue stream for the platform. “Some of the users are already paying for ads to have their items appear at the top of the listings page.

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‘‘We realised that some sellers, who come to OLX, wish to sell their items quickly to make money and do not mind paying a small fee to appear at the top. Our ads are relatively cheaper compared to placing an advertisement in any other platform,” said OLX country manager, Peter Ndiang’ui.

The newly introduced pay option will also allow brands and companies to place advertisements on OLX’s homepage and on other different category pages.

The platform is currently ranked position 24 by Alexa and it reaches 150,000 visitors daily. Electronics, vehicles and real estate properties are the fastest selling goods on the site according to Business Daily.

OLX and farmers

More than 10,000 farmers are currently using the online platform to sell their produce and livestock. OLX made it easy for farmers to sell stuff since they used to depend on brokers who connect their produce with customers. This has also helped farmers to earn substantially more given that they also save on transport costs.

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After the launch, farmers are able to sell produce from the comfort of their farms and an SMS-based platform, *887#, enabling farmers without smartphones to transact business.

At the OLX Soma Awards Gala, OLX Kenya country manager Peter Ndiang’ui commented that farmers have been given an upper hand in marketing their produce since they can now take advantage of social media platforms.


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