Kenya Scoops Six Out of Seven Awards At World Energy Congress

During the 39th World Energy Congress that took place in Washington, DC, Kenya has managed to walk away with six awards out of seven in the Sub-Saharan category. The flamboyant extravagant ceremony aimed at recognizing those individuals and corporates which have contributed significantly in the energy sector worldwide.

The association of Energy Engineers, a global non-profit professional association which has its representations in 98 countries was the ones running the awards. They aim is to promote the scientific and educational interests in the energy industry and to nurture accomplishment for sustainable development.

In the African category, Kenya has outshine all other African countries. It is evident that Kenya has made larger strides in the energy sector given that over the years Kenya have come up with strict energy regulations and have played a key role in both the public and private sector in practicing and implementing energy sustainability initiatives.

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The individual and corporate awardees have been recognized for their dedication and performance in the energy efficiency and renewable energy industry and acknowledged for their individual and collective efforts towards transforming the energy sector.

List of awards in the Sub-Saharan Africa Region

Young Energy Professional of the Year – Chris Mbori – For providing leadership in the energy sector as the CEO of Eenovators Ltd, that have conducted over 100 Energy Audits in the region, for developing an innovative energy management program – The Eagles Program and for conducting measurement and verification though IPMVP®
Energy Engineer of the Year – Eustace Murithi Njeru – For the critical role he has played in developing the Energy Management Regulations 2012 and implementing them through the Energy Regulatory Commission. So far about 1000 facilities have conducted energy audits and started implementing energy management regulations.

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Corporate Energy Management – Sarova Hotels Ltd – Sarova Hotels has distinguished itself over the years for ensuring processes, systems and policies are in place in all their facilities to ensure sustainable energy use. There has been notable continuous effort to ensure energy efficiency in all their hotels.
Energy Professional Development – Lawrence Muma Mang’erere – For the important role played in energy training and development and for overseeing the upskilling and knowledge transfer that has seen the development of many energy engineers across East Africa over the last 10 years
Energy Manager of the Year – Albert Mugo – As the CEO of Kengen, his leadership has seen him steer the organization to implement sustainable energy projects and to develop partnerships to further the energy agenda, with specific focus on the successes recorded in the Geothermal Power Plant projects in Olkaria
Innovative Energy Project of the Year – 280 MW Olkaria Geothermal Power Plant – The project has been truly innovative because Kengen has managed to reduce the lead times of generation energy from geothermal using a new wellhead generation technology. It has also managed to save a lot of resources using this new
Energy Project of the Year – Standard Bank Global Leadership Centre – For the green energy features inbuilt into the facility including a building monitoring system, energy efficient lighting, air quality testing, and sustainable land use and ecology.