Canon sets focus on production houses and broadcasters

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Canon’s latest models are here! The Cinema EOS models: EOS C700 (EF-PL) and EOS C700 GS PL targeting broadcasters and production houses.

The Japanese imaging multinational, Canon, took to the IBC 2016 to showcase its new products, the global media and broadcast trade show in Amsterdam in a bid to create solutions for the need for quality production.

The Cinema EOS Models are set to engage users in 4G generation and enable high-end production houses to easily shoot with dynamic range and supreme quality. The Model will be available in 3 models i.e. The EF and PL lens mount and the PL mount only. The EF and PL will support up to 4.5K resolution and 15 stops of dynamic range while the PL mount only will offer 14 stops of dynamic range and 4K resolution as well as a global shutter.

Canon, part of the 50 Tokyo companies operating in Kenya also showcased the 4K camcorder improved on the audio interface aiming at news gatherers and independent or documentary film makers while also giving users to test the EOS 5D Mark 5 which targets photographers on a 30.5 megapixel sensor.

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The C700 models will be first in line from the manufacturing company to offer an automatic unsqueeze anamorphic 2.39:1 feature for monitoring.

In displays, the DP-V2420 and DP-V1710 will offer high quality professional displays as it combines Canon’s image processing engine with a propriety backlight system and an IPS LCD panel to deliver quality color production, high resolution and high contrast visuals.

The imaging company will be looking to engage the African Market in upgrading the quality of production. “We understand that content providers and creators demand quality products that will deliver the creative vision in quality imaging. As Africa is growing content development, canon is ready to provide the continent with professional products” Said Henrik Verbrugghe the Managing Director of Canon Central and North Africa.

Film Makers and producers will however feel the pinch in purchasing these gadgets as Canon prepares to start shipping the C700 and the C700PL for $35,000 (KSH 3.5 million) in December 2016 and the EOS C700GS PL in January 2017 for $38,000 (KSH 3.8 million).

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