7 Things Bloggers Should Do To Overcome Challenges

When I decided to take writing into blogging little did I know that I will be faced with massive challenges as I am going through now.

Every blogger will tell you that they are going through a lot; Dealing with stubborn clients, finding stories to write and getting writers.

Every young entrepreneur dreams of having an ideal business setting where all employees get paid appropriately, bills get settled and profits are reaped. But this might be difficult at the beginning.

Many bloggers often forget the fact that once your blogging business has established there are a number of expenses that needs to be catered for.

To start with, running an online business might seem simple and cheap but the truth is that the business is just like any other business because one has to comply with the government policies, paying taxes, developing the structure of the company, registering the name and the company and coming up with policies of operation.

As if the above not enough, you still need to purchase a domain, host the site and not forgetting the challenges that come with running a self-hosted website especially when one is not conversant with them.

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Do not forget also that you need to rent an office, pay for bills even when their is no business done.

When one has managed to host and manage the site, it hits them that for the business to grow one cannot work alone.

However, finding employees is not a big deal but many will tell you that finding a regular cash flow to be able to finance them is the biggest problem.

One of the most frustrating instance is dealing with clients who do not pay. Many times cases have ended up in court rooms to settle debt issues. Bloggers will tell you that this is one of the worst situations one can go through.

Another issue that has failed the growing bloggers is lack of support from the banks. When it comes to payment many go through a hell because maybe they do not have official bank accounts for their businesses. At times some corporate companies might refuse to pay you as a result. Isn’t it frustrating that after working you do not get paid?

The above are among the things that find most bloggers unprepared and at times one might think of quitting, but patience keeps them going.

Are you wondering what to do?

First of all, define your policies for service delivery and ensure that you do not change them overnight or between an ongoing business deals.

It is always good to get an accountant to ensure that your finances are managed properly.

Make an effort to develop a market product that will give you an edge in your business. This way you will not need to deal with many things at a go.

Do not forget to comply with the government policies because you do not want to be got on the wrong.

Find employees or writers who love what they are doing and not those who are desperately looking for jobs. This will save you the risk of losing an employee in hard times.

Look for a proper bank that can support you at all times.

It will be wise also to get an HR policy for hiring to ensure that all the resources are managed properly.

Plus to have a successful blog a writer needs to know SEO, SMM, to be a communicator and a promoter at the same time. Content marketing is not enough any more.

All the best as you employ the above measures in order to overcome challenges in your business as a blogger.