5 Hard Lessons You Need to Learn Before 30

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Karani Nyamu on Lessons You need to Learn Before 30

The reality of life is that we all look-back and wonder if there was  something we could have done differently.

Most often hindsight  tends to be 20/20.

Karani Nyamu, the CEO at Verve KO Ltd says,.  ‘Other times we can be able to look ahead and anticipate what  we’ll need to learn if we are going to succeed through the next  decade of our life.’

Our twenties tend to be the most critical period of our life. Most  people will settle down in their twenties, establish their career,  choose or forfeit religion, travel the world and make lifelong friends  in that period.

There are lessons that we should take to heart at  this point.

Be hard on Yourself:

If you are hard on yourself in your 20s, then  life will be easy on you. On the other hand, if you are easy on  yourself life will come down hard on you. Push yourself to  succeed, set goals and be very determined to meet them. Never  make an excuse for yourself. If you failed, admit it, pick the  lessons and start over. This is never a time for a pity party and  self-loathing.

Life Won’t Go Your Way:

This is the point you’ll learn that life has  a mind of its own. Be flexible, adaptable and agile. Many things  will come your way that you never planned for. Learn to roll with  the punches. Jobs will take longer to get. You may not settle at the  time that you want. Some friends will move on; just grieve and  keep going.

Relationships Are Everything:

Your family, mentor and close  friends will be the only constant in your life. Treat them with utmost  care and respect. Be there for them when they need you and  never make excuses for that. They may be prickly but deep down  they care. Nurture your friendships. Reach out often. Be shoulder  to cry on because you will also need a shoulder to cry on.

 It Takes time:

Lots of things may be instant, but the things that  matter take time. Enjoy the learning curve and learn to stay in the  game. Your career will take some time to grow, so will your  personal relationships. Goals will take time, and there will be many  detours along the way. Be patient with yourself and with others as  you walk through the learning curve.

 Start Now:

There is no such thing as someday. Do you want to  correct your finances? Start now. Do you want to grow your  career? Start now. You plan on settling down? Start looking now.  The only correct time to ever do anything for the future is starting  now.

Karani Nyamu insists that there is never a perfect moment to  start. You launch out, learn your lessons, make adjustments,  prioritise and keep moving ahead.



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