Steps To Finding Jobs For Starters

Karani Nyamu on Steps to Finding Jobs for Starters

 ‘The labour market world over is very tight and competitive. It is  very hard to land a job in this kind of economic conditions.’ Says  Verve KO chairman Karani Nyamu.

Every year universities add  thousands of graduates into the job market to worsen an already  oversupplied labour market. For an individual caught up in this, it  can be a depressing affair.

First and foremost job searching is a tough and draining  endeavour. There are a few steps that one can follow to increase  their odds of landing a job. They may not be foolproof, but they are  effective. The include;

Analyse Your Plans:

Just because you took a course in a certain  field doesn’t mean you have to end up in that profession. There  comes a time when you have to ask yourself what are your  passions.

There are hundreds of careers, gifts and skills tests  online that can enable you to know your skills. By choosing 4 or 5  tests, you can begin to see patterns in your results.

Take time to Explore:

Go out of your way and try to volunteer in  the fields that arouse your passion. It may feel entirely different  from what you expected. That is okay. If you are satisfied, then  stick around. If you are not, then keep exploring.

You can attend  industry conferences or take a short course. It’s even more  insightful to have one-on- one conversations with the prominent  people in the industry.

Narrow Your Target:

As it becomes clear what you are truly  passionate about then begin to narrow down. You may like  engineering but what particular field of engineering draws our  greatest passion? Most industries/fields are vast.

Therefore over  time you have to begin to decide what exactly in this area do you  want to pursue.

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Be Proactive:

You have to choose to spend 80-90% of your time  networking in the industry. Only use 10-20% of your time in  applying and seeking interviews.

Make sure you carry out a  structured networking in which you get to hear from people who  understand the profession. Be on the lookout for the individuals  who are likely to let you in on trends and opportunities that are not  so visible in the industry.

Prepare For Interviews. Getting your foot in the door is one thing,  impressing the panel enough to get the job is a whole other issue.  Learn how you are going to sell your personal brand.

You have to  be articulate on how the particular job aligns with your skills,  education and passions.

Develop a Work Ethic:

At every opportunity let your passions for  the profession flow. You never know who is watching. Enthusiasm  is contagious, and your capacity to deliver results will be noticed.

For graduates Mr. Karani Nyamu advices that you should  remember you are not just doing your job, you are building a  career. Do not slacken or lazy around. Let your passion drive you  forward.


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