5 Tips on Choosing A Business Name

Coming up with a suitable name for a business is one of the hardest tasks.

Many entrepreneurs especially those who are starting up are going through hard times. It is even worse when you do not have a team to brainstorm it together.

Frankly speaking, I went through a hard time coming up with my business name but through the struggle I managed to come up with one that suites the kind of business I am undertaking.

Are you having trouble coming up with a business name?

Pause for a moment and think of big brands like Apple, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and so on. Ask yourself some questions; How did they manage to come up with short, unique and attractive names, can you manage to have yours like they did?

The answer is YES. If you take your time and invest in brainstorming and research, you will get one.

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Here are 5 ways of choosing a business name;

  • Identify your audience – know your customers and the kind of name that is likely to attract them and what will appeal them
  • Be Simple – let your brand name demonstrate your company deals with.
  • Be concise – your name should be short and clear. Do not choose a name with more than one word, people like short names.
  • Have fun – while choosing your business name, have some fun for example WhatsApp or Facebook, to others it might not sound like a business name but it is cool.
  • Strike – choose a name that is striking especially if you plan to grow big because the name will be recognized widely.
  • Be realistic – choose a name that sounds real and true. Use something that is known.


  • Remember that a short and unique name will help you while hosting your website because finding the domain name will not be a problem
  • Bear in mind that people will likely to get a shorter name quickly as compared to a longer one